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Seat control

Seat control module

The seat and its functions are an essential part of cabin comfort and safety and as one of the direct interfaces to the driver and passengers, it is an important contributor to the user experience and a differentiator for the car-makers. Today, high-end seats combine applications for:


1,Seat adjustment or seat movement, e.g., the setting of position, height, length, width, angle, back angle, and also headrest position and angle

2,Seat comfort, e.g. dynamic bolsters, lumbar support, massage, heating, cooling and/or ventilation, “air-scarf”, entry aid, and individualized adjustment memory

3,Seat safety functions such as seatbelt pretensioner, which are part of the vehicle safety system,

4,Seat passenger detection, several sensors are the built-in seat and feedback to the system for more safety and reliability


As modern seat modules take on additional functions, they have a comparable complexity to body control modules with similar challenges in meeting requirements for supply, communication, sense, actuation and control, and quiescent current targets. To manage seat control modules in the smallest space and with the lowest power dissipation and low quiescent current, integration of functions is one of the key factors for design.


The Infineon product portfolio here is best prepared and offers many product families with high integration。


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