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Infineon CoolMOS™ 600V C6 Consumer Switching Power Supply solutions
Infineon Technologies offers a wide range of cost-effective products for consumer switch mode power supplies. This includes high voltage MOSFETs, control IC´s and Silicon Carbide diodes for PFC and PWM stages
Microchip PIC10Fxxx electronic cigarette application solution
Microchip Electronic cigarettes, combines microelectronic technology, mechanical construction, technology and economic system healthy living ideas By detecting the action of smoking on the human body to simulate fireworks
Microchip digital audio solutions for Toys, Automotive, entertainment…
PIC32 enables high quality digital audio solutions throughits best in class performance, peripherals and softwarelibraries. Bringing audio to your application enhances its ability to meet the needs of your customers.
NXP KV10Z RangeHood solutions
Solution DESIGN INTRODUCTION ●MCU: NXP KV10Z32 ARM M0+ 75MHZ, Motor control peripherals ●Efficient motor control algorithm library ,user-friendly
NXP NFMI for Wireless Headset solutions
RF:Antenna transmits propagated electromagnetic wave,All transmitted energy designed to radiate into free space,his is called “far-field” transmission.
NXP MKL26 E-Cigar Solution
NXP MKL26 Solution Features Small Package: QFN48 7*7*1(mm) size,more suitable for E-cigar PCBA


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