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About Weikeng

Company Profile

Founded in 1977, Weikeng Industrial Group (Weikeng Group) is one of top 5 largest distributors in Greater China. headquartered in Taipei Taiwan, Weikeng Group’s sales and technical services in Greater China and Asia Pacific region cover 26 cities in which customers are located, including Hong Kong, China, Singapore etc. As a supply channel partner, Weikeng Group carries over 50 international brand names include AMD, Infineon, Microchip, Vishay, NXP, Lattice, Western Digital Weikeng Group offers a comprehensive range of components spanning Semiconductors, Interconnect, passive and computer products (CPU, HDD) which provide customers a convenience of one stop shopping.

Technical Support and Consulting

In China, the customer segments, that Weikeng Group currently serves, include China Based Manufacturers (CBM), Taiwan Based Manufacturers (TBM), Hong Kong Based Manufacturers (HBM). To meet the needs of both vendors and end customers. Weikeng International (WKI), which is the Weikeng Group’s wholly owned subsidiary, started operations in 1994. WKI has now over 600 employees and 20 sales offices in China.

Solutions and Joint Product Development

We have a strong technical support team with over140 AE and FAES in China. We provide reference solutions in below areas:

Industrial: Industrial Power, Telecom Power, Lighting, SMPS, UPS, Security & Surveillance (IPCAM, DVR), E-Tools, Solar Inverter, Motor control, etc.
Consumer: TV, STB, Cellular Phone, Small Home Appliance, White Goods, TWS, Wearable Device etc.
● Automotive: ADAS, BMS, OBC, Dashboard, TPMS, EPS, Infotainment
● Communication: Broadband Access, Switch, Router, Wireless LAN, Base Station, Gateway, Small Cell, CPE. etc.
● Computing: PC, Notebook, Server, Data Centre, Enterprise Storage, Cloud Computing etc.
● Health and Medical: X-ray equipment, Ventilator, Blood Pressure Meter, Temperature Sensor etc.

One-stop shopping and regional logistics support

We have more than 20 years technical design experience and provide one stop shop for all electronics components (Memory, Power Discrete, Microcontroller, Embedded Processor, Connectivity Product, FPGA,CPLD, Touch Screen, HDMI, MHL, PLC etc.). For details, please visit our Line Card.

Our Mission and Culture

Our mission is to embody ourselves upon every electronics product that process data, voice, and video through which we read out and provide solutions to our valuable customers.


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