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High Precision Wraparound - Power Enhanced Thin Film Chip Resistors


PEP series chip resistors are designed for high power applications, low noise, superior stability, low temperature coefficient of resistance, and low voltage coefficient. The resistive thin film layer can withstand an established temperature as high as 250 °C: hence, the restrictions are mainly due to the robustness of terminations and solderjoints.
PEP series is recommended for customers who need toswitch to lower size devices, with the same power limits.




• Load life stability: 0.1 % typical (0.35 % max.)at 2000 h / Pn / 70° C
• Very low noise < -35 dB and voltage coefficient< 0.01 ppm/V
• Wide resistance range:39 Ω to 900 kΩ depending on size
• Tolerances down to ± 0.05 %
• Termination: thin film technology
• Pn: up to 1 W for 1206 size, without cooling under PCB required
• Sulfur resistant (per ASTM B809-95 humid vapor test)
• Material categorization: for definitions of compliance please see


(1) Pn = nominal power: Pd = derated power intended to improve stability
(2) For ohmic range versus tolerance and TCR, see Best Tolerance and TCR vs. Ohmic Value” table
(3) Pn = 1 W if PEP1206 is mounted on alumina board

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