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Hi3536 H.265 Decoder Processor

Weikeng International is HiSilicon first-class agent, providing complete hardware and software development tool kits and technical support services for this series of processors to help system equipment manufacturers and production security manufacturers achieve product design innovation.

The Hi3536 is a professional high-end SoC targeted for the multi-channel HD or D1 NVR. The Hi3536 provides a high-performance A 17 processor, a video decoding engine (a maximum of 16x1080p decoding complying with various protocols), a high-performance video/graphics processing engine (various complicated graphics processing algorithms), and dual-channel HD outputs. These features enable the Hi3536 to provide high-quality images. In addition, the Hi3536 integrates various peripheral interfaces to meet differentiated customer requirements for functionality, features, and image quality, while reducing the eBOM cost. 

Functional Block Diagram 

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